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By Daily Mail Reporter. T he wife of a top New York doctor has been charged with allegedly stalking his glamorous mistress, bombarding her with abusive messages and threatening to shoot the woman dead. Amy Goldenberg, 42, has been accused of stalking Einat Packman, 40, for more than a year after learning she was having an affair with her prominent pulmonologist husband Ronald Goldenberg,

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Disclaimer: We Value Your Privacy. Your First Name Required. Your Required. Phone Not Required. Your Message Required. If your gut is telling you that something in your marriage or relationship is just not right, and you suspect your partner may be cheating, then, unfortunately, our experience shows that your instincts are probably correct. As the owner and primary private investigator for Cowan Investigations, Bob Cowan has invested in acquiring the latest high-tech surveillance equipment, allowing him to gather the hard evidence you need so you can determine how to best move forward in your relationship if you suspect your partner of cheating.

While some other New Jersey Infidelity Investigators may have some of this same technology, what they often lack is the experience and expertise to use it properly.

When working with Cowan Investigations, your trust and confidence in our work will be built on our many years of investigative and surveillance experience and detailed knowledge of our craft. Frequently, many cheating spouses pursue their adulterous relationships in the workplace. In recent years, however, the rise of social media and online dating apps has played a tremendous Closter NJ cheating wives in modern infidelity.

Unlike in the past, when cheating spouses had to coordinate their activities in real space, love interests are now only a mouse-click away. With Cowan Investigations, our infidelity investigators will provide you with concrete evidence, such as reports, videos, and still photographs, concerning the spouse or partner you suspect of cheating. Owner and primary private investigator Bob Cowan personally participates in and oversees all Infidelity Investigations, and obtains proof through surveillance and other investigatory methods.

As the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department and owner of Cowan Investigations, Bob has nearly 35 years of experience dealing with domestic issues and knows that an unfaithful spouse is not only emotionally traumatic, but also one of the most prevalent causes of divorce. When Cowan Investigations undertakes an infidelity investigation, they understand the importance of establishing trust and honesty with clients in the midst of such a stressful period.

Unlike many other New Jersey Private Investigators, Bob is attuned to the trust that needs to exist between the infidelity investigator and the victim of adultery. This is why Bob finds it so important to attach his name, his image, and his biography to his business, eschewing any gimmicks and stock photos.

The New Jersey Infidelity Investigators at Cowan Investigations will uncover the evidence you need to confirm whether your partner is cheating or not. To schedule a free minute, confidential consultation, call Cowan Investigations today.

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Thank you both and Pete for all of your hard work, concern, and professionalism with my case. You found and documented an incredible amount of information within three days of work—you are really remarkable investigators. You did an excellent job tailing him—not an easy feat in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

The photos and video were difficult to look at but they were undeniable—you had uncovered the devastating truth that someone I had known, cared for, respected, and loved for 17 years was leading a double life and had been lying to me repeatedly for a year and a half. From my initial consultation with Liz, I felt that you genuinely cared about me and had my back throughout the investigation, and even after it concluded. As you know, this was a complicated relationship and heartbreaking situation for me and I felt supported by you and not judged. Bob, I so much appreciate what you and the team did for my mom.

The pictures and video you got from surveillance were a gold Closter NJ cheating wives. Also how you were able to tail them for so many miles without being picked up was remarkable. Aside from the actual work, what separates you in my opinion from the rest is your honesty.

Your team is good inside and out. This was very emotional for my mom and you gave her the ability to start a new chapter in her life and heal from what could have been certain misery. Please forward my appreciation to Pete and Liz as well.

Cowan Investigations, LLC. Is d, bonded and fully insured to operate in the State of New Jersey. Cowan Investigations. Virtual Consultations Available: Call Child Custody? Alimony Reduction? The Infidelity Investigator You Need to Get to the Truth If your gut is telling you that something in your marriage or relationship is just not right, and you suspect your partner may be cheating, then, unfortunately, our experience shows that your instincts are probably correct.

Thorough Infidelity Investigators You Can Trust With Cowan Investigations, our infidelity investigators will provide you with concrete evidence, such as reports, videos, and still photographs, concerning the spouse or partner you suspect of cheating.

Dear Bob and Liz, Thank you both and Pete for all of your hard work, concern, and professionalism with my case. Related Links: s of a cheating partner. Best days to catch a cheating spouse. Cell phone bugged? Computer forensics. Google Rating.

Get started with an investigator you can trust. contact cowan investigations.

Anthony S 06 Mar Best of the Best! All I can say is that you will be getting what you pay for with this driven company. If I needed a private investigator, Cowan Investigations would be my first choice, hands down. Jay White 14 Jan Bob is an honest and ethical professional who shows empathy towards people in unfortunate situations. His strong analytical abilities coupled with thorough research and attention to detail make him an ideal private investigator.

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I know his clients will receive a comprehensive detailed report that will stand up in any hearing or court of law. Bob is a high caliber dedicated professional who will give it his all to address the issues at hand and achieve .

Rae 08 Nov I would highly recommend Cowan Investigations. From the time you speak to Liz on the phone until the time Bob is finished with the investigation you will always know what is going on, what is taking place, and what they found. You will be provided with detailed information and surveillance. Bob is very well trained in this field and will provide you with outstanding work. Both Bob and Liz are very compassionate and caring people and make you feel comfortable through the whole process. Sarah V 14 Oct I have been married for over 25 years, 2 years ago things just started not feeling right, I started having suspicions that my husband was cheating.

I felt trapped, I was embarrassed to talk about it with anyone. I put up with feeling this way for two years. I began researching private investigators because I was fed up with being lied to and deceived, talked to like I was crazy. I called a few investigators but I did not feel comfortable, I felt like I was talking to used car salesmen.

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Just before I was going to give up I called Cowan Investigations. From the minute I began speaking to Liz Cowan I began to feel comfortable, she was very genuine, caring and knowledgeable on how to proceed. Liz set up a call with Bob who I immediately could tell was very experienced and knew how to proceed.

Over a 4 day period Bob and Joe uncovered the evidence I needed to confront the lies and other deceptions I was subjected to, which let me make the decisions I needed to make for myself. Above all I was able to regain my self respect by getting the proof I needed. From time Liz answered the phone until Bob and Joe finished the investigation, I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and caring they displayed towards me and the investigation.

Susie K 25 Oct I recently had the need to use a private investigator. After looking at several options, I decided to call Cowan Investigations. The decision to call them turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I really like the fact that Mr. Cowan has a law enforcement background and is a former Chief of Police for Jersey City.

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After my first conversation with Liz Cowan I knew I had called the right people. She made me feel very comfortable when I answered all the questions she needed to get the facts regarding a very complicated situation. Liz is very thorough, caring, and very professional and usually available when I had questions. Liz and Bob make you, their priority.

Cowan would be working on my case at the time I was promised. He was always at the location, on time, very descrete and went way above and beyond my expectations. I was informed of the progress on a daily basis and over a period of days, had enough evidence to prove my case.

The reports are very professionally written with dates and time stamped. It says a lot when my lawyer called Bob Cowan and complimented him on the great report he gave to my lawyer, to take to court. I feel the evidence gathered by Cowan Investigations and presented to the judge, by my lawyer, made a huge difference in the judge's decision.

I met Mr. Cowan and shook his hand after I won the case.

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I highly recommend Cowan Investigations and will definitely use them again if needed. Thank you for all your hard work, you are the best! Megan Parker 14 Sep I approached Cowan Investigations from out of state with a delicate situation that needed to be handled in NJ and Liz made me feel at ease and in good hands immediately!

Both Liz and Bob reviewed my case and got back to be the same day with a great price and additional suggestions to make sure I was satisfied with the planning they had come up with. It was important to me for all parties involved in my case to feel comfortable and Liz and Bob definitely fit the bill! They took the time to gather all the information needed and completely exceeded my expectations.