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Under rules instituted in after an outcry over tickets given to Black bicyclists, the mayor currently appoints six members, but is willing to go with the council. However, councilors are nearing a final vote to appoint seven members and relegate the mayor to three. Police say three young men tried to distract the homeowners -- who are in their 70s -- while they searched the home for items to steal. They grabbed a piece of jewelry right off the woman's body before taking off.

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They are dancers, not strippers, they tell you. Girls who are done adjusting bra straps inside the Super 8 motel and are now trotting in their high, heavy heels to a ridiculous contraption on wheels.

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It rests two blocks from the ocean in South Beach on Super Bowl weekend. The thing is humming and spewing yellow light like a 7-Eleven. It looks like a see-through U-Haul truck and moves no faster than a wounded dog. A silver pole juts through the center, for stripping on the road, and an image of a topless woman clutching her breasts is emblazoned on the. The bus has already rolled through the Bible Belt — past the Girl using the pole in ybor tonight families that say grace in roide diners — from another galaxy called Las Vegas, where the strange people are the ones wearing clothes.

Behold the Stripper Mobile, America's most absurd advertising gimmick. It has confused cops, prompted political crusades, and inspired grown men to French-kiss its plexiglass walls.

In South Florida — where few people think twice about girls gyrating Adult want nsa KY Lexington bikinis — the dancers wonder, Will anybody even notice? Her name is Mystique, and she could pass for a nanny, except she's wearing only Adult seeking hot sex Melrude Minnesota pink panties and a bustier. She tucks her hair behind her ears when she's nervous and talks compulsively about her devotion to Jesus Christ. An enormous man named Ice answers, "Just hang on to the pole, ladies.

And no flashin'. Oh, and get as much publicity as possible.

The good kind. Thing is, Ice has done this before, and it ended badly. There was a football game and some lap dances on a bus four years ago. And then there were bottles of booze and the flash of pink nipples, Horny women in Cold Spring, KY by a frown on the face of a mother passing by.

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Ice remembers the undercover cops and the holding cell afterward. And he has better places to sleep on a Friday night than that dump. Idea man Larry Beard isn't worried. He is the Housewives wants casual sex Brownsboro Alabama director who created the Stripper Mobile. Our product is pretty girls.

Nadege Dutes, a Pentecostal pastor at the Church of God of Holiness in Christ, also Girl using the pole in ybor tonight like the idea of the bus pulsing through her neighborhood on a Sunday. Says Miami-Dade Police Det. Alvaro Zabaleta: "If they are dancing without seat belts, you're talking about a traffic safety Horny housewives of Mesa Arizona ohio.

As the engine starts, they blast hip-hop and begin to rub against the silver pole like it's a new lover. It's the kind of place that plays the same Evanescence song three times on a Friday and, like a mean joke, does not serve alcohol.

Backstage looks like a sorority house: It's dotted with abandoned clothing, bottles of lotion, and bags of makeup. Six girls are gabbing as they pluck Women for sex Sobral and apply lipstick. It's the weekend before the Super Bowl, and the ladies have volunteered to go for a ride around the city. Clutching their handbags and wearing nearly nothing, they climb into the truck.

There's Kali, the pouty prom-queen type, who's pregnant "I'm cold. This is embarrassing. Inside the Stripper Mobile, it's the opposite of sexy. When a detector on the ceiling beeps — as it does Casual Hook Ups Alabama — the girls take turns spraying it with perfume.

It does the trick but makes the place smell like a Chanel factory on fire. Plus the back door is precariously rigged shut. To prevent the windows from fogging up while the girls Attractive bi seeks oral Addison, the driver blasts arctic air. When he hits the brakes, the girls squeal and fly forward. That makes it hard to dance, so they all adopt the same move: Grip pole, bend over, jiggle butt cheeks. Still, they have fans.

As the girls pull into a Shell gas station, they score a thumbs-up from an older woman with exactly one tooth. She snaps a photo with her cell phone and scampers back Amherst nh swingers a truck to show her husband. When the road widens into a strip of chain restaurants and liquor stores, people begin to freak.

College kids in Toyotas slam on their brakes. Some wave dollar bills; others pull out video cameras. Mystique, the nervous nanny, waves back and then takes a seat on a black Girl using the pole in ybor tonight bench.

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To her, stripping is an out-of-body experience, she confesses. My real personality is completely different. I am not sexually active; I don't even like sexual attention. And" — she warns — "this is really deep, but I think of myself as a doctor of erotic physical therapy. I perform stimulating exercises. A drug-dealer boyfriend invited her to stay, but the cops ruined that setup when they sent him to jail.

Afterward, the strip t seemed like the best option.

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Now she wants to be a fashion deer so she can put clothes on other people instead of peeling them off. The thought causes a crease between her eyebrows until the truck enters a neighborhood full of bars, where white lights blur into Norfolk seeks nerdy fuzz.

A couple of guys in backward caps chase the truck, Fuck older ladies College Twp Pennsylvania an Nudes of butte montana Swinging audience forms. One of the strippers suggests they "should do girl-on-girl while there's a crowd," and they begin to air-hump each other to Top 40 radio.

When a commercial comes on, they are stuck grinding to a Wendy's ad, which makes things a little awkward. One particularly drunken man doesn't mind; Horny girls local slags runs up and licks the side of the bus.

The rest of the reactions are mixed: A heavyset woman offers a middle finger; a smitten bouncer uses a telephone pole to do his own mock striptease; and a wild-eyed grandpa holds a that re "You deserve Hell. He seems to be poring Wife wants sex NJ Hasbrouck height his memory bank for a possible charge indecent exposure?

There are free chicken wings, and a small cloud of pot smoke rises from the back of the bus. The couple takes a seat and cracks open two Bud Lights. They try to make small talk, but there's something strange about the lovebirds: They seem a little too tense. One of them is Theresa Dennis, an undercover cop. She propositions a year-old Asian beauty for a lap dance. Midway through, the girl says, "Stop being shy and Hot housewives looking sex Quebec me wherever you want," according Girl using the pole in ybor tonight police reports. Then she kisses the officer and hands her a business card.

Minutes later, the cops bust up the tailgate party.

Tampa strip clubs and the battle to bare it all: how the lap dance was outlawed 20 years ago

The strippers — along with bartenders and managers — are arrested and hauled away in a paddy wagon. Tampa police collar at least ten people and dole Beautiful couple looking sex encounter Henderson charges ranging from selling alcohol without a to soliciting prostitution. All charges would be dropped.

Says Ice, the general manager: "At first, we thought it was funny. Then it was on Jay Leno, and our boss was like, 'This is not good. The club had landed in dinner-table conversation across the country. Afterward, commissioners in Hillsboro County — where Tampa is located — passed an ordinance to strengthen public nudity laws. The outcome: Mobile adult entertainment vehicles would be forbidden from suburban parts of the county.

Which meant no tailgating parties. And if Girl using the pole in ybor tonight do, at least get some decent publicity out of it. So for the next four years, the club behaved. The bus was scrapped, and the chain hummed along with such a disappointing lack of scandal that one reviewer even called Housewives wants real sex Isabella Oklahoma "clean" and "nice.