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Volunteer Program To apply for a Volunteer Position, Mission The mission of the volunteer program is to enhance city services and programs by matching the varied talents of concerned individuals and groups of all ages, interests and skills, with a variety of interesting and challenging projects and endeavors. Whether a volunteer is involved in an ongoing position or a single event, volunteer daily, weekly or monthly, the city of Rio Rancho appreciates the support.

Volunteering for the city is one of the best examples of government and citizens working together for the good of the community. Many volunteers are in a position to see firsthand where changes are needed and give productive critique on how to better serve our customers.

Volunteers may also gain new skills, friends and a sense of accomplishment through volunteering. Volunteers play an important role in how things get done in our society.

Many services would not happen without the services of volunteers. We consider our volunteers as one of the most diverse and richest resources in our community. Staff will be available to offer support, motivation, and encouragement as well as champion new ideas that propose improvement to our current volunteer structure.

What is a Volunteer? Volunteering is not done for monetary compensation or material gain and is not based on obligation.

Listed are some of the needs that stimulate people through volunteering: Challenge Meet new people Improve their community Gain new skills Recognition Make a difference Self-esteem Donate professional skills Self-confidence Socialize Have fun Change in scenery Career exploration Academic credit Constructive use of time Your motivation for volunteering for the city of Rio Rancho might be different, but the end result is the same, you make a positive impact on others. Many programs may not be in existence today if not for volunteers.

Volunteers also can: Act as liaisons with our community to gain support of programs Provide a direct line to private resources in our community Facilitate networking Increase public awareness and program visibility The Library and Information Services Department volunteers assist in several ways. They raise funds to be used for the library, donate time in sorting and shelving books, and take part in many other library duties. Senior services volunteers not only assist in the Meadowlark Senior Center, they also instruct classes to the senior membership in computer, art, exercise classes, and the list goes on.

These are just to name a few. We have wonderful volunteers all over the city. Volunteers also serve on boards, committees and commissions, which are advisory groups who report to the Governing Body.

We also have volunteers on task forces that report to the mayor. However, this does not mean that other departments or divisions do not utilize volunteers as well.

For more information on volunteer opportunities within these areas, please call for more information. Arrow Left Arrow Right.