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This study examines the experiences of 48 spouses of wives newly diagnosed with local or regional breast cancer. Their reported experiences were organized into the core construct of Coming to Grips reflected by four domains: 1 Feeling nailed by the breast cancer; 2 Changing us; 3 Taking care of me; and 4 Making things work. Prior studies have underestimated the extent to which the assumptive world and day-to-day lives of spouses are shattered by the diagnosis of breast cancer and the work they do to guess how to be supportive to their wives. Inan estimatedwomen will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and an additional 62, women had in situ disease American Cancer Society, Although the magnitude of women affected is alarming, equally ificant are the ramifications of the illness for the spouse.

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Posted June 14, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. An old joke tells of four women who interview for a job with a male boss. The choice is difficult because all four are clearly qualified. So who gets the job?

The one with the largest breasts. When I got involved with women who were smart, kind, and fun, who could put up with me, and who were willing to remove their bras, I felt so grateful that I thoroughly enjoyed whatever fell out of them. Two recent studies support the notion that men prefer big boobs:.

The bra industry supports the idea that bigger is better. The first modern bra was patented in —two handkerchiefs sewn together with straps made of ribbon.

Soon after, padded bras appeared to make breasts look bigger. InFrederick Mellinger, founder of Frederick's of Hollywood, introduced the push-up bra, which made breasts look even larger.

And in the Wonderbra became a sensation. A refinement of the push-up concept that accented cleavage, Wonderbra tripled sales of push-up bras from less than 3 percent of the market to 10 percent. Finally, sincethe average American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C.

Ditto for England. One reason is breast augmentation.

Menopause and sexuality

Surgeons now performboob jobs annually vs. But beyond augmentations, another reason explains more of the recent increase in average bra size—weight gain. Breasts are fatty. Meanwhile, flat-chested models dominate the fashion runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.

Participants were self-selected and not representative, but the comments were all over the map. Some said they could feel attracted only to women with a specific endowment. The leading preference was large, followed by medium then small.

But visit any of the zillion free porn-sampler sites lobstertube, cliti, etc. Finally, English and Malaysian researchers showed full-body photos of women to men, who rated their attractiveness.

Women with large breasts were not considered the most attractive. The honor when to the women with medium-size endowments.

Breast Size and Evolutionary Psychology. Paleolithic cave art dating back 35, years portrays naked women with enormous hips and breasts. Just as any size penis can cause a pregnancyall breasts can swell with milk and nurture infants.

But evolution seems to have primed men to believe that women with larger breasts are a better reproductive bet. Long before the contemporary obesity epidemic, when food was scarce and starvation a real threat, large, fatty breasts suggested caloric reserves. That, in turn, suggested that the women had reliable access to food, which increased survival odds for their offspring—and for their impregnators.

English and Malaysian researchers showed photographs of women with varying breast size to Malaysian men whose socioeconomic status ranged from poor to wealthy. This may explain why the wealthiest men often fall for skinny models.

Compared with the satiated men, those who felt hungry rated larger breasts ificantly more attractive. Breast Size and Sexism.

Recall the Englishmen who considered women with medium-sized breasts the most attractive. The researchers also asked them to complete a survey that explored their feelings about women in society. The most sexist showed a strong preference for large breasts, while the more egalitarian men preferred smaller breasts. So do men really want women with big boobs? Some do, at least in fantasyhence the joke about the woman who gets the job.

Dixson, B. Gueguen, N. Swami, V. Michael Castleman, M. He has written about sexuality for 36 years.

The pursuit of calm can itself become a major stressor, especially if you've already tried the standard prescriptions. But there is a path through this conundrum. Michael Castleman M. All About Sex. Yes and no.

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Coming to grips with breast cancer: the spouse’s experience with his wife’s first six months

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